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LEAP™ Performance Model​

Personal Achievement and Excellence

At Peak Consulting, we adopt our very own LEAP  Performance Model to develop a focused mind which is instrumental to one’s personal achievement and excellence. Aside from subject mastery, one will be coached to acquire necessary life skills and techniques to set personal targets and to acquire relevant strategies to attain these targets.

Our Learner-Performer Model

The LEAP™ Performance Model sets to facilitate one to first attain awareness of one’s current skill level, followed by the setting of expectations and milestone targets. At Peak Consulting, we understand and believe that a learner’s ownership to the current reality and targets is instrumental to one’s progress, regardless of the competency level (Refer Learner-Performer Model).

Set Targets and Achieve Goals

We apply coaching techniques to facilitate the learner’s ownership of the current reality and also the targets and expectations. Only upon the learner’s ownership of the targets and expectations, a facilitation process, that involves the engagement of coaching techniques, will be laid out to reach the achievement of these targets. Each milestone target will increase one’s self esteem. This will enhance the personal self-ability. The cycle of facilitation for setting of higher targets and expectations will inevitably culminate in the attainment of the learning process and goals. Thus then, the individual’s potential is maximised and the most optimal level of performance is attained.

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