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Ms Low taught me Additional and Elementary Mathematics in secondary school and continued to take me for H2 Mathematics in Junior College (JC). With her around, I was also blessed to have a very patient and nurturing teacher who I knew I could always count on if I needed to talk to anyone. Ms Low guided me through step by step workings and techniques which include the seemingly endless amount of laws she has. She made learning math much simpler with her explanations and always made lessons very enjoyable. As we shared similar interests , she would always think of me and update me on them , which made me feel really cared for. Not only was Ms Low very kind and patient, she has also allowed me to be more confident. Whenever exams were just around the corner, I would always feel very nervous. Ms Low never failed to encourage me on and always reminded me that so long i tried my best, it is really all that matter. Whenever I felt stressed from school, I could turn to Ms Low to ask for help and advice. Not to forget, Ms Low has not only been a teacher, she’s also been there to guide me through moments in my life over the past 4 years from Secondary 3. Thank you Ms Low, for always being there for me.

Erin Ashley Wan

Having been with Ms Low for a good 6 years, we can confidently say that she is one of the best math teachers we’ve ever had. Ms Low made the seemingly boring and challenging subject of math interesting and easy to understand through her comprehensive ‘Low’s laws’, where she was able to break down complex math problems into simple ones. Ms Low was able to pin-point our conceptual mistakes and provide us with tailored methods of learning, whether it was constant drill and practice, step-by-step analysis of the problem or simply encouragement. Moreover, Ms Low was always patient and ever-ready to re-explain concepts whenever we forgot them. Under her tutelage, we managed to convert our Ds in both E-math and A-math into eventual As at the O-level and Integrated Programme respectively. Even throughout junior college where we struggled with H2 math and both scored Ds even at the Prelim level, Ms Low’s dedication and belief in us in the one month lead up to As eventually resulted in us both managing to attain As at the A-Level. More than that, Ms Low has also been a constant life coach and mentor throughout our secondary school and JC life. She always believed in us even when we didn’t believe in ourselves and pushed us to become the best version of ourselves, which was truly a motivating force. She was a very caring and nurturing teacher who always looked out for us even and guided us through difficult decisions in our school life. Beyond lesson time, she was also very willing to help answer whatever questions we had, even the days before our A-level and O-level exams. Furthermore, she would also go out of her way to buy us food and sweets to motivate us, especially in the lead-up to our exams, where she could see that we were stressed out. Ms Low is an inspiring individual, who is not afraid to get personal with her students, be it sharing of her own life stories or through discussing life in general, which is something we treasure whole-heartedly. It is so rare and amazing to be able to find a teacher who is willing and able to establish a personal connection with her students, and we will be forever grateful for Ms Low’s lessons over the past 5 years. Thank you so much Ms Low!

Nicole & Natasha Tan

Ms Low was a really patient teacher, always ensuring my understanding, keeping me back on track all the time. Besides guiding me academically, she also constantly encouraged me and spurred me on even when I was on the verge of giving up. I am thankful for her dedication and care during the few months leading up to A levels. Mathematics was usually a subject that I dreaded but under Ms Low’s guidance, I gained much confidence and decidedly put in more effort for the subject. Through Ms Low, I was not only able to clear my understanding of certain mathematics topics but more importantly, I learnt other values, especially what it means to be resilient. I am thankful for Ms Low for equipping me with the various skills and knowledge, eventually enabling me to jump a few grades in Mathematics and attain my desired A grade.

Dorcas Yeo

Ms Low cannot be called a teacher for she plays a role that far surpasses one of just educating. While displaying a stern yet friendly attitude, she teaches me in innovative ways, never running out of patience or different ways to explain questions. She is confident of what she knows, and is determined to make me understand, not merely memorize concepts and complicated theories. Ms Low guides, advises and motivates me, to help me excel and do my very best every single time.

Sandrea Siow

Before I had Ms Low as my math tutor, my results were horrible, I remembered scoring 3/25 for a math test, that was the lowest marks I ever gotten for a test. Perhaps it was my lack of understanding towards the subject. After Ms Low became my tutor, I started learning new methods and approaches to solve questions and I was constantly a few chapters ahead of my class. Under her guidance, I was able to start scoring distinctions for test and exams and even got two A1s for my “O” level maths.

Wong Zheng Yi

I was struggling with my Mathematics during my ‘O’ level year. I knew I needed help, and thank God, through the word of mouth, my mum knew about Miss Zachia and she was willing to coach me for both E Maths and A Maths. My foundation was weak, time was running out and I only had about 10 months left to prepare for my ‘O’ level exams. However, Miss Zachia patiently went through all my weak topics with me, taught me efficient tactics that set my foundation right and I improved tremendously in my grades. I have had my fair share of tutors and even when compared with my teachers in school, Miss Zachia’s unique tactics are tailored to each individual student, helping them perform to their best potential. She is truly a brilliant tutor, and I have always been very thankful to have her as my tutor.

Deborah Koh

A Mathematics teacher who motivates.

My daughter was having poor grades for both Additional and Elementary Mathematics, not better than C6. During the 3rd semester of her Secondary 3, I by chance contacted Ms Zachia to tutor her. Since then, my daughter’s mathematics results improved semester by semester and she scored A1 for both her Mathematics during GCE ‘O’ levels.

Ms Zachia did not demean my daughter’s results and was patient to coach and motivate her. My daughter understood a lot more and picked up many tips and skills.

Ms Zachia is very knowledgeable, detailed, accommodating. Highly recommended.

Helen Kok (Parent)

My son has been an under-achiever since primary school. He had countless tuitions for as long as I can remember. None of them worked. Some tutors even told me that my son require special coaching. In 2010, when he had to take his N level exam, everyone had more or less given up hope, including himself. I couldn’t give up for as long as my son had not walked out of that examination hall, he still has a chance. That was when I found Miss Low, barely 3 months before the GCE ‘N’ Level.

Because many tutors had failed, I cautioned Miss Low about my son’s difficulties. She was not discouraged by my warnings but instead took up the challenge. Like many of her predecessors, I expected Miss Low to quit after the first few lessons.

She did not quit. Within 2 months I began to see a change in my son. He became a happier boy and always looked forward to lessons with Miss Low. I was shocked when one day I found him doing his own revision. I saw a change in attitude and a passion to want to do better. Subsequently his results started to improve. From U-grade, he started getting a C then A. The highest point of his life was when his teacher asked him to coach some of the weaker students in class.

Under the tutorage of Miss Low, my son not only made a complete U-turn of his grades, but also of his outlook in life. He has made it to the course of his choice and is a much happier and confident youth today. Thanks to Miss Low.

Mrs Loh (Parent)

My son requested for a tutor when he was two weeks away from his Secondary Two term three common test as he had failed his Elementary Mathematics in the Semestral Examination One. That was when I approached Ms Zachia Low for help upon a friend’s recommendation.

Ms Low is very experienced and was able to identify and focused on his weak areas. For the few sessions with her in two weeks, my son managed to pass his term three common test. In fact, after the first lesson, my son commented that he was able to understand the concepts and methods introduced by Ms Low easily.

The coaching continued for Secondary Three and Four where my son took both Elementary and Additional Mathematics. Although Additional Mathematics was a new subject, my son was able to understand and passed his class tests with breeze.

There were times when he became complacent with his results and started to become relaxed, especially before his GCE ‘O’ Level examination. Not only was Ms Low understanding, she was very patient, teaching him the skills to tackle the examination questions and even got him to do target setting, under her coaching, for his GCE ‘O’ Level (not only in Mathematics but other subjects as well).

She also frequently updated me on the latest changes on syllabuses/grading in schools as well as my son’s performance and attitude towards learning.

Without her professionalism and experience, my son would have been struggling to survive his Mathematics classes and would not have passed his GCE ‘O’ Level examination with 2 straight As for both Elementary and Additional Mathematics!

I would highly recommend Ms Zachia Low to any parent seeking Mathematics expert/specialist to help their children!

Thank you Ms Low!

Elaine Ng (Parent)

Ms Low’s teaching method allowed me to grasp the topics easier and faster. She used step by step working which made it very clear for me to understand. I had a clearer view on how to approach questions without making careless mistakes. Furthermore, Ms Low also helped me to identify and categorize question types which made it easier for me to apply the appropriate techniques to the respective questions. I made remarkable progress from not being confident and failing to passing with a good grade.


Ms Low started teaching me Mathematics since my secondary school days. Ms Low was very patient and attentive and always explained concepts in detail. She also prepared multiple resources to enable me to practise on learned concepts and techniques. Not only a great teacher, she also provided me advice on many aspects of life other than just mathematics. Thanks to her efforts, I managed to score A in both O level and A level mathematics.

Wong Jiawen

Ms Low guided me in building my foundation, especially, in topics that I was weak in. With her coaching, I slowly felt more confident and assured when I worked on questions that I had problems with initially and I began to get them correct. Ms Low taught me with a lot of patience and did not mind going through questions that I did not understand, again. Ms Low also gave me a lot of encouragement and support which allowed me to stay focussed and confident at times when I felt less than accomplished with my progress. I am really appreciative of what Ms Low had done for me and I am grateful that under her careful guidance, I managed to score a distinction for my ‘O’ Level Maths.

Sammy Pang

Ms Low is just brilliant. I was fairly weak at Chemistry and Mathematics. However, Ms Low’s unique way of teaching allowed me to understand concepts that I never thought I could. She had this amazing ability to make me believe that I deserved a distinction in the subjects. This was something that I never thought I deserve. She maked typically boring subjects like Mathematics and Chemistry very interesting. When I started to do better after a while, my confidence increased and I really started to believe that I could perform. And I really did! She is also very approachable and genuinely very caring. She is honestly one of the best teachers I have ever met.

Wong Hwan Ching

I had always not been interested in Mathematics and I had been very complacent as a child. Mathematics, to me, was difficult and tedious. However, this perception changed ever since Ms Low started teaching me. Through her ‘step-by-step’ working and techniques and her ever famous “Low’s Laws” (she seems to have endless laws to share), she never failed to amuse me with her wit. Through her wit and her unique “Low’s Laws”, I realized that Mathematics was not so bad after all. There were many ‘a-ha’ moments in that I understood and saw the light. Those moments gave me joy and provided me with growing confidence. Ms Low was kind, patient and understanding. She continued to encourage me and believe in me, even at times when I have doubted myself. She made me believe in myself again and because of that, I am truly grateful to her. I cherish these past 7 years that we had (yes, it was 7 years and I am proud to be the only one in her stable). Although I managed to score A1 for both E and A math at ‘O’ levels, I feel that the biggest takeaway for me is that I have grown to become a better person; a person who is confident, perseverant. I have come to believe that I could achieve whatever I envision myself to achieve. Last but not least, I learnt from Ms Low that I should always ‘relish an enriching and learning journey, not just the outcome.’ Ms Low is not only a teacher to me; she is my mentor. Thank you for being a significant part of this journey with me.

Remiko Onda

When I entered JC, I thought I could manage my studies without having tuition. But it was not the case. I decided to engage Ms Low once again, after my mid year examination in JC1. My grades improved. There were quite a few topics that I had difficulty grasping. She would list the key concepts I should know and give questions for me to work on. She was very patient throughout and would even teach the same topic repeatedly until I understood the concepts. I eventually got an A for my H2 mathematics. After collecting my A level results, she continued to show concern and would give advice for the university options I could go for. Ms Low’s teaching style is definitely one of the main reasons that cultivated my interest for mathematics. Thank you Ms Low!

Shaalin Subramaniam

I have had the privilege of having Ms Low for my teacher for about three years. This actually means that I’ve had three years of Ms Low saving the day, aka, saving my grades. I have never been a failing student in mathematics. However, when I entered secondary school, I became lazy and lacked prioritising skills. But I met Ms Low. She always managed to explain the concepts to me in a way that suits my learning style which made math lessons far more productive and efficient. However, what truly sets Ms Low apart from other teachers is her boundless patience and her ability to understand the way a person thinks and feels. This also makes her so much more than a teacher. To me, she is also a friend and a mentor. Even as I am now pursuing medicine in UWA, I know I can still count on Ms Low for support and advice. I am grateful to have been able to meet Ms Low, not solely because of the dual A’s that she managed to help me achieve for my O levels, but also for imparting great wisdom. Through Ms Low, I understand the significance of acquiring wisdom, beyond grades. Thank you Ms Low, for both.

Venice Siow

I was having difficulty in understanding additional mathematics and needed help. I heard of Ms Low through my cousin who had improved tremendously in her Additional mathematics from a F9 to a B4 within half a year.

Without thinking twice I got in touch with Ms Low to tutor me in both Additional & in Elementary Mathematics. I started having lessons with Ms Low from Secondary Three right till my GCE ‘O’ levels.

Ms Low had been very patient & encouraging. Most importantly, though I love Elementary Mathematics, Ms Low was also able to inculcate in me a love for Additional Mathematics as well. Although she is only my mathematics tutor, Ms Low had also showed concern with my other subjects. With her advice, I organized my studies better & improved markedly in my semestral overall and with my final GCE ‘O’ Level results, achieving a decent L1R5. I achieved A1 for Elementary Mathematics and an A2 for Additional Mathematics.

I am truly grateful to Ms Low for all that she has taught me

Shaalin Subramaniam

Ms Low has been a great help to me in regards to my mathematics. Her explanations are accurate and easy to understand. The revision package that she gave me really helped in my preparation for my examination. It also gave me the opportunity to practice all the possible kinds of questions that can be tested in the examination. She has helped me realize that with practice, mathematics is not a difficult subject to conquer.

Nicole Toh

Ms Low was really helpful during the 3 years she spent as my math tutor. Within 7 months, she was able to help me progress from an F9 in A-Maths to an A2 for O-levels. She was always patient and was able to answer queries and correct misconceptions clearly. She would always explain her thought process, her steps taken to derive answers, as well as provide tips which were really helpful when taking both my O-levels and A-levels!

Jensen Lee

Ms Low has helped me greatly in understanding mathematics concepts by breaking topics down into easily digestible segments and methodically explaining how to tackle each part of the question. Her method of writing down the various formulas as well as illustrating concepts has helped me to visually process them better, thus allowing me to absorb and later apply this knowledge when attempting questions on my own. Her lessons are engaging while never veering into overly technical or boring explanations! I really appreciate how she takes the time to ensure that I have a well-rounded grasp of the topic, and without her patient drilling on the basics, I wouldn’t have been able to increase my confidence in tackling math questions. Thank you Ms Low!!!

Audrey Wan

Before I met Ms Zachia, I always felt that doing Mathematics was a chore and I never put in effort for my work. My grades ended up falling as I felt that there wasn’t any need to keep up with my work. However in Sec 4, I started to see the importance of Mathematics and the urgency of doing well. I had a target of getting to a desired course in Polytechnic. I knew I needed to do well for my Mathematics. I began to panic. Luckily for me, I was recommended to Ms Zachia. We commenced lessons in February early last year. She was able to perform a comprehensive diagnosis of my current proficiency level then and brought me to an understanding of how much gap there was to fill and also how much commitment of my effort was required. Ms Zachia was very patient with me and her teaching techniques allowed me to understand the basics of Mathematics as my lack in foundation dated as far back as Secondary Two.

When I did not understand a question, she would slowly go over the steps till I understood. Slowly, I began to enjoy doing Mathematics and I started to put more effort into doing my work. I was constantly kept informed of my progress through milestone checks term by term. Ms Zachia would also set milestone targets for me to achieve at different phases of the learning. I felt increasingly confident as I saw myself progressing and improving over the months.

Through my entire journey, Ms Zachia always encouraged me and told me to never give up. Without her, I will never get into the course I want and for that I would like to sincerely thank her. Thank You Ms Zachia!

Yeoh Su Min

Ms Low taught me Additional and Elementary Mathematics for the whole of my ‘O’ Level year. She quickly took note of the topics I was weaker in, and made sure I do continous drill and practice in those weak areas. The drill and practice intensified as the examinations neared. She patiently and clearly explained the approaches and techniques for the challenging questions that I had problems with until I understood my mistakes. Thanks to her help, I was able to get distinctions for both my O level A Maths and E Maths in the ‘O’ Level. Ms Low is a teacher who cares for her students. She has been a mentor to me and I am most grateful to her guidance.

Andrea Soon

I would like to give my biggest appreciation and thanks to Ms Zachia Low for walking me through this tough journey. Ms Low has guided me during the past few months of lessons, there were times where I lost hope and wanted to give up but she was a teacher of great support. With Ms Low’s motivation and help, I found the strength to keep pushing on. Thank you for always believing in me and not letting me lose sight of my goal.

Emily Gay

A dedicated teacher with great passion for teaching. My child is greatly inspired and motivated and showed genuine interest in Mathematics under her guidance. She is a responsible and patient teacher whom every student would dream to have. I am so blessed to have her coach my child.

Doreen Tan (Parent)

Miss Low came at the last month before my secondary 3 End of Year Examination. She managed to explain almost all the chapters that appeared on my EOY paper within three weeks and I rocketed from a F9 to a C5. And by O levels, I scored an A2 for my Additional Mathematics.

The only thing I could think of now is how remarkable she went through the last month leading to my GCE ‘O’ Level Examination to help me prepare for it.

Choong Li Qing

I only contacted Miss Zachia for help in Additional & Elementary Mathematics a few months before GCE ‘O’ level, through the help of my friend. At that point of time, I was still scoring single digit for Additional Mathematics. As I had a weak foundation in mathematics, Miss Zachia put in a lot of effort going through topic by topic with me within the short period of time. She is such an awesome tutor who knows how to teach according to each student’s ability and to help us realize our potential. As a result, both my friend and I got into our dream courses in Ngee Ann Polytechnic with single digit L1R4 score of 7 & 8. Till today, I’m very thankful towards Miss Zachia & even introduced my cousin to have lesson with her. It is never too late to learn if you find the correct teacher who is dedicated to put in the effort. :)

Cindy Lim

Ms Tan started teaching me in Secondary 3. I was having issues with various Physics concepts and their applications and found help through her. Ms Tan made Physics so much simpler to understand and grasp. She was so kind and patient. She would try all sorts of ways to ensure that I fully understand particular topics. She would utilize all sorts of tools imaginable to demonstrate and explain to me so I could visualize and comprehend concepts. For example, she would use stationaries to explain questions on “Moments”, and she would create friction by use of a ruler with tissue paper to explain concepts and questions on “Static Electricity”. Even during times when I still had issues in particular concepts and continued to ask her questions, she did not hesitate to explain it all over again to me. Ms Tan also constantly set quizzes and tests for me, citing that these would enable me to stay focused and relevant with the ‘O’ Level. Without her, I would not have been to get my distinction for Physics. Thank you, Ms Tan, for unlocking and maximizing the potential I have within me!

Remiko Onda

My gal has always disliked Physics as she find the subject uninteresting, we had sent her to many tuition centres but she came home discouraged and unmotivated. We were very anxious till we met Ms Tan who tutor Physics. She is patient, attentive and guide my gal in understanding the concepts and applications. She is positive and conduct the lesson in her candid ways. My gals enjoys her lesson thoroughly. Her grade improved from a D7 grade to B3 grade in the recent GCE ‘O’ level examination 2023.

We are thankful to have you coach our child. Thank you once again, Ms Annie Tan.

Diane Chui (Parent)

Ms Tan taught me Physics and Chemistry. In a matter of half a year, my Physics and Chemistry went from F to A2 at N Level. Ms Tan is always ready to go an extra mile to help me. She is always a text away when I need help in work. Ms Tan’s lessons were always productive as she was very engaging and motivating. She was able to explain concepts in an interesting and stimulating way, enabling me to learn efficiently. I am grateful to have met such an excellent teacher.

Edwin Babani

Ms Tan was a very caring and all-rounded teacher. Even though I am no longer under her guidance, she is and will always be one of my favourite teachers ever. There are many factors as to why Ms Tan was a huge catalyst to my achievement in Physics. I started out as a pretty average student in class, scoring around B with the occasional Cs. I was lazy and detested the idea of having to work for my results. However, after my first lesson with Ms Tan, I realised that I started to do more practices to familiarise myself with the topic. Every other lesson, Ms Tan would give me a timed trial to gauge my abilities and understanding of the subject. This was crucial to my learning process as through the small tests, I could actually see how i progressed. In the end, I got an A for my mid year examination and I even topped the class, which was very shocking as I was never the studious kind of student. I would like to thank Ms Tan for helping me to achieve good results and for teaching me how to be a more constructive learner and student. Ms Tan was a reliable, resourceful and genuine teacher. Her help and kindness will never be forgotten. Thank you Ms Tan!

Nicole Lim

By the time my son reached Sec 4N(A), he had gone through a number of tutors. No tutor could handle him. My son was uncooperative, unmotivated and uninterested. He was not doing well in most subjects, notably in Mathematics and Science. With only a few months to go before the N(A) level, I was on the verge of giving up till I met Ms Tan, who tutors Physics. In a matter of months, Ms Tan brought my son from a U grade to a B grade. She was able to connect with my son in a way that previous tutors could not. Ms Tan ignited in my son a zest for learning the subject. My son’s words, “Ms Tan is very motivating, very encouraging. She makes learning interesting.”

My daughter who is 2 years younger also came under Ms Tan’s tutorage. She was very weak in O Level Physics and was feeling helpless and having low self esteem. Ms Tan was very patient with my daughter. She took great pains to explain challenging concepts and also teach my daughter appropriate techniques to handle demanding physics questions. Her results propelled from a humble C to an A1 in O Level. My daughter’s description of Ms Tan, ‘Ms Tan is an exceptional teacher who understands my areas of weakness and is able to connect with me in a way that allows me to grasp difficult concepts with ease. She also taught me how to approach and tackle challenging questions, applying the Physics concepts appropriately.’

I would sum up and say that Ms Tan is a dedicated and compassionate teacher who excels in helping students achieve their potential. My kids were very fortunate to have come under her tutorage.

Mrs Josalyn Loh (Parent)

The first thing my form teacher, and my school physics teacher, said to me when I received my O level results was “ I am so proud of you”,. This was because they had never expected me to be able to achieve an A1 in Physics. I would not have been able to achieve an A1 grade without Ms Tan’s unique coaching style. Everything came with a price, though. Ms Tan was very strict. She has a unique structure in her lessons. The work that she requested involved mini projects on engineering mechanisms and phenomena involving Science. Ms Tan encouraged learning through research of theories instead of pure memory. The chores turned out to be somewhat of a challenge each week. It stimulated my thinking and pushed me to research and acquire knowledge in a way unfamiliar to me. This constantly set my momentum going till the final examinations. I would never be able to get my A1 in Physics otherwise. I am greatly appreciative of Ms Tan for helping to maximise and unlock that potential in me. Thank you, Ms Tan!

Venice Siow

I started physics tuition with Ms Tan in may of 2023. Despite my initial dislike towards the subject, she made it seem more fun and enjoyable. Being very patient and friendly, it removed the social dictations of a student and teacher relationship. It made her seem more as a friend which made the whole experience altogether, a-lot more fun and less stressful. However she would still get the job done, explaining concepts carefully and drilling my understanding through timed practices and homework. She would always be one text away, if I needed anyone to explain questions bothering me or just having someone to talk to. Physics became a subject of simplicity, she made me come to love and enjoy the subject.

I went from failing throughout my secondary 3 year and even my sec 4, to achieving a B3 in O levels. I regret not taking tuition with her earlier as I can confidently say, I would have easily achieved distinction had I started earlier.