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"Creative, always energised and positive attitude with the children. We love Ms Sian’s customised student led learning approach"

Ms Lim Hwee Sian is a highly experienced music educator with a teaching career spanning over 30 years. During her tenure at the Ministry of Education in Singapore, she was the first appointed Lead teacher in Music (Sec) and the first music teacher to be awarded the prestigious President’s Award for Teachers in 2017. Ms Sian strongly believes that knowledge and skills should be anchored in values, as values shape the attitudes, actions and beliefs of a child. She is convinced that music, when taught with proper pedagogical intent, can have a profound impact on a child’s development, including the development of their creative and critical thinking, personal, cultural and social identity, and character. As such, Ms Sian places a great emphasis on inculcating good values in her students and delivering student-centric, values-driven lessons.

Ms Sian is dedicated to meeting the individual needs of her students and employs differentiated instruction to ensure that every student’s needs are addressed. She encourages her students to challenge themselves and creates lessons that enable them to compose, harmonize, sing and play pieces and songs from various genres. Her approach has earned her high commendation from students and parents, who appreciate her patience and dedication to nurturing their children’s musical abilities and character development.

Some of the accolodes from parents are:

“ Creative, always energised and positive attitude with the children. We love Ms Sian’s customised student led learning approach ”

“ Teacher Sian is one of the nicest and most patient piano teachers we know who has a genuine passion teaching the children not just to play the piano – But to love music, importantly, using her skills and experience with other instruments as well to inculcate rhythm into the curriculum. ”

“ Ms Sian is an excellent teacher. We have had several piano teachers, and Ms Sian has been the best by far. She is passionate, patient, highly competent and makes the lessons engaging and fun. ”

“ You are very patient and encouraging towards S***R**. He tends to give up easily when it comes to difficult pieces but you have always been encouraging and presses him to go on. Past piano teachers were either too fierce or too nice so he didn’t achieve much. You are balanced and under your training, I can see that he is progressing and from literally hatred piano to having a liking for it now is a big achievement. “

In addition to her extensive teaching experience, Ms Lim Hwee Sian has also been invited to conduct programmes for beginning music teachers at MOE HQ and has contributed as a mentor for music teachers in schools. Her creative lesson videos have been used by the Singapore Teachers’ Academy for the Arts (STAR) as model teaching strategies for all teachers in the music fraternity, and she was a presenter at the 2018 Arts Education Conference held in Singapore.

Ms Sian holds a Degree in Music and a Diploma in Music Teaching from the National Institute of Education (NIE). She is also a certified Baby Massage instructor and a member of the International Association of Infant Massage. Ms Sian teaches baby massage to parents, as she strongly believes that all children should be loved, valued and respected, and that nurturing touch and communication can be provided by parents to their babies.

Ms Lim Hwee Sian

Music Specialist

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